Hanpu Shopper Bag

Hanpu Shopper Bag

Since we started Reception we tried several times to make a good shopper bag. A super simple item that stands when you drop it on the floor. This is what we had in mind… finding the right fabric and having the bag being made isn’t as easy as the bag looks.

This special heavy canvas cotton fabric named « Hanpu » is woven in the Okayama prefecture in Japan.
Hanpu stands for canvas: the warp & weft are alternately crossed above and below, over and over so that the textile is strong built, durable & breathable.

Once the fabric was imported to Portugal we had to find the right factory in order to sew the bag.
Used for denim production, the fabric is that heavy that it will break needles if they are not strong enough which requires special machinery, the sewing line commonly.

The bag is simple but not cheap and we know that, but it’s built to last!

We put our Hanpu shopper bag to the test strolling around the “Quai Saint-Antoine” market in Lyon on a sunny morning while Jim Frade captured the moment.